What's in a Decade?

In April of 2012, we agreed to be Triple J's Mix Up Exclusives residents. The premise of which was to create 4 mixtapes, each an hour in length, to be broadcasted on consecutive Saturday nights throughout the course of a month.

Rather than playing a selection of current music, padded out with some favourite tracks from the archives, we decided to attempt something more adventurous. We embarked upon a journey that would see us take on 40 years of music, across a multitude of genres, forming what would eventually become 'The Decade Mixes'. This has become an integral part of our story and we are glad to finally give it a home. Below are some of intricacies, thoughts and reflections that went into creating one our most ambitious projects.

We can't wait for 2022!

Check out the original workings here.

A journey through time

4 mixes, 4 decades of music, in the order in which it came out. Each set represents the music of 10 years and moves chronologically through time. There's a total of 326 tracks, spanning hundreds of genres across 43 years.

The research

What sort of research did this require? Well, for the first three mixes it demanded the reading of 30 years worth of music charts. Cross referencing 3 different charts (100 songs in each chart – 300 songs per year – 9000 song names in total) with Wikipedia release dates. We also read Wikipedia Music pages for individual years, singles and looked at YouTube compilations too. We also checked the dates on old songs we loved that sat in our iTunes.

Crate digging

The 2002 – 2012 mix required a flick through the old record collection, checking the dates on the records, a cross reference with discogs, a very long browse through iTunes and a dusting of our greatest dance floor memories both in front of, and behind the decks.This was a journey like no other. And now we've embarked on another - 2012 - 2022. Set for release in 2023.

Decade Show